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Fact-based strategic decisions & Business Intelligence solutions for various business goals require a centralized data source that provides easy availability of organizations information neatly collected in one place. We serve our clients with Data Integration solutions that allow them to streamline their scattered data for business insights extraction.

Our Expertise

ETL & Testing

Being a critical part of the data integration process, we first work with clients to identify their heterogeneous data sources and business requirements which are then merged to implement a smooth ETL process that extracts, transforms, amalgamates data into domain-specific data-marts & data warehouse. Consolidated data is also tested in different phases to eliminate data discrepancies and various other inconsistencies.

Data Warehousing

All the organization’s data is integrated into a data warehouse be it a local or a cloud server providing a unified view of data, which is responsible for organizational analytics needs, once data is ready it is modeled to suit clients analytics requirements such as BI reporting.

Data Modelling & Architecture

Both data consolidation & business processes are thoughtfully analyzed to model data using data modeling techniques to support the business application environment. Data warehouse Architecture encompasses data modeling, scalability, security, metadata management, optimizing performance, data governance, cloud support and we implement this with utmost diligence & expertise.

Fast access to Data & Analytics

With one single source of truth an organization can easily harness the power of data by analyzing huge volumes of data using Business Intelligence tools & applications at blazing speeds to uncover hidden insights and make data-driven strategic decisions that help clients to stay competitive & propagate in the right direction.

API integrations

It enable integrations with one system initiating processes in another system and enabling thus a full process integration.

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