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data warehouse solutions

Our Data Warehouse solution helps organizations for decision making and forecasting their business growth. We build Data Warehouse on huge historical data from single or multiple heterogeneous sources.
Data warehouse Solution has the following characteristics -

Our Expertise

Subject-Oriented Solution

A data warehouse is subject-oriented as it concentrates on information based on a subject or theme; we work with business Subject matter experts and develop subjects oriented solutions which help to get all required information and performance indicators from the subject area. It can be sales, marketing, distributions, etc.

Integrated Solution

As every organization has multiple and heterogeneous sources of data, we work with businesses to identify the source of data and develop the integrated data warehouse from varied sources like Excel, relational databases, flat files, etc. Moreover, it keeps naming convention and data type, data size other attributes/Properties of data uniform and consistent.

It consists of mainly three Steps ETL Extract, Transform and Load which again is based on data cleansing, data profiling etc.

However, after the transformation and cleaning process all this data is stored in common format in the Data Warehouse.

Time-variant Solution

It is very important for every organization to identify the growth and understand the pattern, We build flexible time dimension for data so that change and growth in the trend can be easily identified and compares by the data collected in data warehouse system from multiple system with respect to a time period, whether its day, week, month, year.

Another aspect of time variant is that in a Data Warehouse once data is entered into the DW it can’t be updated or changed.

Non-volatile Solution

The essence of our Data Warehouse solution is that we maintain historical data, which is Non-volatile, It means previous data is not deleted and new data is entered in our warehouse.

Data is read-only and refreshed timely. This helps to analyse historical data and understand what & when happened.

It does not require transaction process, recovery and concurrency control mechanisms.

Competitive advantage

The huge returns on investment for those companies that have successfully implemented a data warehouse is evidence of the enormous competitive advantage that accompanies this technology. The competitive advantage is gained by allowing decision-makers access to data that can reveal previously unavailable, unknown, and untapped information on, for example, customers, trends and demands.

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