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high performance
excel application

Our Excel application framework can transform your spreadsheets to compliant, recoverable, multi-user and high performing applications. Our delivery process and applications have been approved by big 4 third party auditors for our SEC regulated and publicly traded customers.

Our Expertise

Comprehensive Framework

We have a decades of experience in working with excel based application. With our exclusively developed framework, we adds lot of power to your normal excel working pattern to make it high performance excel application. With the programmed excel file, you can completely rely on it execute your routine operations.

Handle complex logics

Excel are specifically mend to build handle complex logics, but our programming and designed framework add 10X power to it.


With every upgraded version of programmed excel file, client can easily manage the versioning of the system. It is very easy to open the previously saved data in the upgraded version.

Modernization of legacy systems

Still many enterprises are using legacy system or non-programmed excel files to manage the work. It becomes so cumbersome to manage big amount of data. But with our framework which designed and programmed by our data scientist, you can still use the excel file but in addition with lot of programmed features.

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Mobile & Web Application Development

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