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Delivering robust and scalable finance app using latest technology.

High Performance Excel Application

Our Excel application framework can transform your spreadsheets to compliant, recoverable, multi-user and high performing applications. Our delivery process and applications have been approved by big 4 third party auditors for our SEC regulated and publicly traded customers.

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Financial modeling

Our teams have experience building financial applications and models. We can build cash flow models for fixed assets managed by private equity, real estate trusts, funds, and banks. We can model leveraged financing, forecasts to manage liquidity and investor requirements. Our business analysts can bridge the modeling to technology implementations for a seamless transition to a database backed Excel application, a web based application or analytics platforms.

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AI insights

We enable financial applications to leverage the power of AI. We can turn our financial data into business insight with machine learning. We implement bots to increase productivity and customer experience while reducing the total cost of ownership. We bring productivity and increased accuracy with entity recognition and classification frameworks for unstructured data and documents.

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Finance data management & analytics

We have delivered finance and risk analytics for debt servicing market using our data warehouse, modeling and visualization solutions. We can acquire data from internal and third party data providers with existing ready to use components. Our specialized multi-dimensional data models are designed to host asset attributes, cashflow results, market rates, investor requirements.

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workflow solutions

We design workflow enabled solutions for financial business processes which heavily depend on multidisciplinary workforce to operate in a cohesive manner to deliver time-sensitive decisions. We help finance companies to identify a workflow platform based on their size of operations and cost requirements. Our financial domain experts perform process review to analyze the current state and opportunities to design optimal.

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regulatory compliance

We have experience to exceed internal and external audit requirements. We follow the SOX compliance in all our product development processes. We can develop technology which supports applicable Basel, CFPB, GAAP, SEC, and other risk monitoring compliance requirements. We perform independent third party reviews of our applications to meet cyber security compliance.

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