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offshore development

Our real-estate assets, BPO, technology, and talent acquisition expertise enabled us to set up standalone offshore offices for our clients. Our team is capable to setup new offshore company, finding office space, perform resource planning, obtain legal advice, and bring business live. Our experience has enabled companies to start from 5 to 50 employees and complete acquisition by multinational US company.

Our Expertise

virtual offices

We can be your virtual office location for all of your communication related to emails, phone calls, letters etc… With your consent, we can reply the acknowledgement to them and give you the daily and weekly summary of all the incoming and outgoing conversation.

hardware setup

if you want to setup a server or want to setup a network team to manage your server environment, we can offer that as well. Our team experienced team can handle your cloud servers, or your dedicated servers to make sure 99.9% of up time.

office infrastructure

if you want to setup the office india, we can do all the initial formalities, like legal clearance, company formation, selection of office space, furniture, hardware arrangement and all the related things.

recruitment management

Recruitment is one of the tough and crucial things to do. We can offer the services by which we can handle all of you recruitment process and give design the team structure which you want.

customer support management

Our Customer support services which we offer as one of the services in our BPO services, can help you to setup your customer support department. We can manage call centers, customer support department, grievance clearance and many things.

Our Projects

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