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US Based Large Investment Firm

1. Migration of Legacy Data Warehouse and Reporting Solution to Self Service BI Solution
a. Data Migration from legacy system to perfectly modeled Data Warehouse
b. Designing Semantic layer for running reporting solution
c. Developing Self Service Report using PowerBI
d. Developing paginated detailed report using SSRS

Our Process

Report Migration Expertise

Our US based large finance domain client having more than 1000 of customers was using Oracle Hyperion as an enterprise wide reporting system, As oracle decided to retire Hyperion and its services, we worked as technology partner with a large client and successfully migrated entire Oracle based reporting system to enterprise wide microsoft self service data analytics solution.

There were significant challenges and limitations which we overcome effectively and build robust solution -

Data Sensitivity

Customer listed under stock exchange so data sensitivity was a big concern, we delivered on premises solution using SQL Server and designed a perfectly modeled Data warehouse with fine grain measure which allows the customer to get any data information and can be sliced and diced to get any data view.

Self Service Solution

There were more than 150 complex reports which we developed on PowerBI. We have designed pre-calculated measures and facts which users can use on their own to build or enhance reporting without IT intervention.

Detailed Report

We have successfully deployed detailed and PDF based reports to PowerBI services which developed using SQL Server Reporting Services.

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