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resource planning

Our resource planning process is very interactive and engaging, we thoroughly learn, understand and identify the needs of our clients, work nature and level of complexity. Based on that we map the best suitable team members with them. Keeping the quality and standard of work at the highest level, is the key for us. We truly respect the timelines to deliver an accepted quality product.

Our Expertise

3rd party check

We as a consultant, provide recommend third party check for all of your resources. We can also do this on behalf of you. This helps to check the background of the team member who is joining the team.

team planning

Being a consultant, we can plan your team based on your project requirements. Our experienced consultant team can analyse the detail requirement, study all the external integration required, understand the complexity of the system and then plan the team accordingly.

regulatory & compliance

If we have to organize the team for you then we take extra care to recruit the resources. We follow the background check process, third party verification, past history, behavioral analysis, technical and logical expertise and many things. We have a set pattern to do all of these.

managing payments & cashback cases

While planning the resources, we firmly suggest that the work can be done with internal or external resources and plan them accordingly. If some special external expertise required to fulfil any task we either notify you to recruit it or can offer the experienced resources to fulfill the gap.

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