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Truck Logistics
ERP Solutions

Our web based Truck Logistics solution is designed for small and mid-size businesses in developing countries. The solution enables end-to-end operations for Trucking companies including accounting, order processing, invoicing, expenses, vehicle management, multiple location, gps tracking and reporting.

Our Expertise

fleet management

With our logistic ERP solution we have all the options which will help you to manage your fleet. Like you can add/edit/delete vehicles, maintain vehicles health status, insurance and servicing reminders etc...

GPS tracking

Our system has the ability to connect with GPS hardware device which would be installed in Truck. With the help of GRP hardware integration, our system can show you the real time location of the Truck, speed, idle condition and many more.

order processing & invoicing

Our logistic ERP solution can initiate the order and follow the complete process and make final invoice which will be used for accounting and revenue and profit calculation.


Our system is capable to integrate with external accounting system to send and receive the data. Even if you want to do the complete accounting in our system, you can do that.


Reporting is the key feature of any application, it helps business owners to analyse the outcome and take decisions accordingly. With our system, you would have the free hand to generate the report which you want. Our system is so flexible and robust. We also have the capability to export it in the Excel or in PDF.

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