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estore management

Hvantage welcomes the opportunity to build cutting-edge E Commerce / E-Store Management with Digital Marketing for all business verticals which includes all business domains across the world that will increase your sales and retain your customers. Here, we would like to introduce to you our Information Technology Services majorly covering E-Commerce Catalogue Management Services, Product Data Entry Services and E-Commerce Admin Support Services pertaining to E-Commerce marketplace.

Our Expertise

Managing Product Listings

  1. Creating/Updating optimized product titles with effective and efficient keywords in order to help customers know the product by its title
  2. Compare and add competitive product price
  3. Add Shipping Details to Listings
  4. Categorizing Products
  5. Managing Inventory
  6. Add Meta Data i.e. Title, Description & Keywords for SEO purpose
  7. Eye catching product descriptions with highlighted features and more

Managing Customers

  1. Managing customer details
  2. Creating and managing Regular Customer groups
  3. Providing Feedback on purchases

email marketing

Email marketing has the best ROI and helps to develop repeat business and a loyal customer base. We help you to strategize and deliver perfect Email marketing campaigns,customized to your business needs.

managing payments and chargeback cases

  1. We manage payments made via PayPal, Authorized.net and LinkPoint.
  2. Also respond and resolve PayPal disputes and Credit Card chargeback cases.


  1. Generating Monthly Newsletter with Best offers on Products
  2. Creating Sales with Discounts, Volume Discount, Free Shipping
  3. Cross Promotions
  4. Printing promotional flyers
  5. Create/Upload Google Products Feeds - Google Products Search Engine displays products with brief details on the search result page thus, helping users to find and purchase those products easily.
  6. Social Networking (Facebook & Twitter)-Advertising on social networking sites about New Products, Discount and Offers etc.

Google Analytics

  1. Using Google Analytics Tool we get detailed statistics about the traffic on your website and hence we work on enhancing the Top Landing and Exiting pages.
  2. We work on Setting up Goals and Funnels this helps us to keep track of where we lose most customers while in process of placing order or registering.

Generating Sales Report

  1. Generating Monthly & Yearly Sales Report with Profit and Loss Statement

Providing Customer Report

  1. Generating Monthly & Yearly Sales Report with Profit and Loss Statement
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Mobile & Web Application Development

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