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Its Time to Automate your Business with Automation Tools
  • by Hvantage
  • Apr 14, 2020

Now the companies are coping-up with the advancing technologies to give a seamless experience to their clients and customers. The technologies have been progressing at a faster rate which has been making the companies adopt newer ways to move ahead.

In this series of technology advancement, automation has been playing a major part in the organizations. Various sales companies are adopting sales automation tools and processes for various favorable reasons.

The companies involving in the sales and clients serving are automating their services for better functionality, faster processing, time-saving and above all decrease in manual staff management. The sales experts urge you to automate sales in your organization to boost up your functionality and speed in your business.

Here, we are detailing the various works of your organization that can be and should be automated to boost up your efficiency:

The processes that should be automated:

1. Automation in Phone calls

For the CRMs, it is really a complex task to handle the calls of the clients and manages their relationship and bonding through taking calls actively. In the market, the calls automation tools like Lightning Voice Products or Lightning dialer that enables the CRMs to make their calls directly through the prospective customer’s info rather by dialing the number every time. It saves time as well as reduces the task of handling and dialing the numbers manually.

2. Email Automation

If you are dealing with the sales and distribution management, you surely find yourself engaged in sending the emails to the clients and customers on a regular basis and that too in the series then email automation is the thing you really need to implement in your business.

As an average, your sales team sends 120 emails to either the prospective customers or their daily customers for followups on a regular basis. This becomes very hectic for the team to deal with wherein this email automation can work effectively and will help in reducing their burden.

Automation allows you to:

  • Create personalized and targeted emails.

  • Customizing the templates.

You can use various email automation tools which not only send the email to the concerned prospectives but also monitors whether the message has been noticed or not.

3. Lead Distribution Automation

Generating leads for the business is an important part of the CRM profile. Every company has specific criteria to reach prospective customers to make their clients. Here the lead distribution tools can help them in saving their time and filtering every prospective under the given criteria. The automating tools perform their lead selection based on the geographical location or any other rule specified by the company. Once the criteria match, it assigns the lead to the sales representatives or CRM, as pre-defined in the software. It eases the task and fastens the speed of searching the prospective customers.

4. Automation of lead prioritization

For every sales team, it holds a high significance to prioritize the leads those are highly beneficial for the business and those holding lesser significance. The CRM and sales representatives need to have that vision of distinguishing among them. For efficient and fast functioning, AI laced automated tools can help you in prioritizing the high leads. This helps the sales representatives to cornerstone those leads to turn them into potential opportunities for the business. Salesforce Sales Cloud, Versium Predict in Dynamic 365 can serve this purpose efficiently.

5. Followup and Reminders Automation

Once the email has been sent to the prospective buyers and the existing customers, the sales team including CRM is responsible for taking follow-ups for their services and feedback. For this, an automated feature will be helpful that can generate the emails and send them to the clients for the follow-up. You can schedule this follow-up emails and their content for a week, 15 days or a month, whichever is needed as per your services and offerings. You can also use this CRM feature for sending follow-up emails to your prospective clients who you see holding high lead significance. Microsoft Dynamic 365 is emerging as one of the effective tools for automation.

6. Automation in Records creation

For the sales representatives, there is a large volume of information to store in the record. The databases of the past, present, and prospective clients are complex to handle in the single record. Time to time updating them efficiently and error-free is another level of complexity for the manpower in the organization. For this, the tools laced with the CRM features manage the records efficiently in a quicker way, thus, letting the time available for the CRMs and sale representatives to accomplish their important tasks of selling in the spare time.


For the sales team, from managing the leads to taking follow-ups and then prioritizing the leads for turning them into potential business. Sending alerts,   reminders to the clients and every member of the sales team to send notifications for the tasks and assignments, the sales automation tools have been proving themselves more helpful and simplifying.

There are many automation tools available in the market. Some of them are free to use, while, for some, you will have to pay. Including the sales part, various tools also provide complete ERP solutions to your business.

We at Hvantage Technologies, provide complete automation tools with entire ERP solutions to ease every task of your business so that you can have time for the other important processes of your business.


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